The Golden Nugget casino is so well known that it’s marked as one of the top 10 things to do in Atlantic City. If you consider yourself an expert in NJ casinos, you know that if you’re going to game at the Golden Nugget that you’re going to need a plan. 

The Golden Nugget online casino is absolutely massive. There are over 500 slots to play online alone, and plenty of opportunities to test your luck at poker, blackjack, and more. 

Winning big at the Golden Nugget casino is every gambler’s dream, and we’re here to help you achieve it. If you want to hit the jackpot when you’re gaming online at Golden Nugget, make sure you remember these tips. 

Stick With What You Know

Now isn’t the time to learn poker or see if you have a hidden talent for blackjack. One of the best rules to follow at a casino is to stick with what you know. 

If you want to win big, don’t make the mistake of trying out a new game because you heard that someone else scored a jackpot. Some people who win big casino jackpots may have spent years working on their strategy. Their winnings come purely from skill, and luck has little to do with their fortune. 

Don’t be afraid to hold off on playing some of the more complicated games until you understand them. Take time to learn and stick with what you feel comfortable playing. 

Check Jackpot Prices 

You may think that simply placing a bet is enough to make sure that you win big. It isn’t uncommon for some slots and other games to set limits on how much you need to spend to win bigger prizes. 

This is why it’s always important to check the rules carefully before you join any game. You want to make sure that you’re placing the minimum bet needed to qualify for a grand prize. 

Always Check the Promos 

We know that you’re in it to win big, but sometimes the key to winning is setting yourself up for success. 

Plenty of casinos have a variety of promotions they use to attract customers, but the deals you find at Golden Nugget are truly ones you can’t pass up. 

Be sure to check their Promos & Rewards page before you do anything. They have new promotions that go up each day, and you’ll want to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

There are usually at least one or two free spins on slot machines each day, and during certain seasons you may even be able to place a free bet on your favorite sports team. If you sign up for their mobile app you can get push notifications that let you know about promotions you may be interested in.

Strategize For Table Games 

Slots are one of the simplest and most appealing games to play at virtual and brick and mortar casinos. The cost for entry is usually low, winning is mostly a game of chance, and if you utilize multiple play lines you have a pretty good chance of coming away with something. 

Slots may be simple, but you should know that table games are a whole other matter.

Table games are where strategy is absolutely critical for winning. Don’t play online poker, blackjack, or other table games unless you have a solid strategy you can follow. 

If you haven’t had to strategize before, check out our post on how you can form a blackjack strategy of your own. 

Consider Other Prizes

For some people winning big means winning a lot of money, but it’s important to remember that cash and credit are only one thing casinos offer their patrons. 

How would you like to like to win a brand new BMW? Would you consider a free night in one of the Golden Nugget’s most spacious and decadent rooms a grand prize? Have you and your spouse been dying for a nice vacation to the tropics? 

Golden Nugget has a lot of special promos and prizes for players to win. The best part about this is that a lot of casino visitors are just interested in gambling. They don’t even notice the extra prizes and promotions, so you may just have a better chance at winning! 

Stay Local 

The world of online gambling has introduced gamblers to the concept of local and network jackpots. 

A local jackpot gets its funds from people that are gambling in the casino on that particular game. A network jackpot is able to pull funds from people who play a variety of games from different casinos. 

The main draw of a network jackpot is that the prize money is often much higher. It may be true that the jackpot is much higher, but there’s also a lot more competition. 

When you go for network jackpots the money isn’t just pulled from multiple occasions, there are also players all over the network that are trying to win the same prize. This can make your chances of winning a lot lower.  

There are a lot of slots at Golden Nugget, but we recommend playing local slots if you want a chance at the jackpot. The prize may not be as high, but the competition is a lot less fierce. 

Bring Your A-Game To Golden Nugget 

We’ve given you plenty of tips in this post if you want to win big at the Golden Nugget, but there’s still a lot you can learn before you head to the casino. 

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